The Legend of Naupaka

The Naupaka or "Half-Flower" of Hawaii The Legend of Naupaka The Half flower of Hawaii Once upon a time in ancient Hawaii lived a beautiful princess named Naupaka. She was loved by everyone who knew her because she was just as kind as she was beautiful. One day while walking along the beach, [...]

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Check Out Guidelines

Check-Out Guidelines… Because of our frequent back to back bookings with the short time period between to get your Hawaiian home ready for arrival, we ask for your assistance in helping us to prepare for our next guests. We greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Wash all excess towels and linens. There should be [...]

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The Pacific Golden Plover What Kolea is named for Should you visit Hawaii in the fall and winter months, you may have the opportunity to see the Pacific Golden Plover. This beautiful bird was named "Kōlea" by early Hawaiians who noted that individual birds return to the same place in the islands year after year. This species is [...]

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