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Kolea units 11C and 11L are managed by Carole and David Kwiat on the Big Island of Hawaii who are long time Big Island residents.

Carole was born in Illinois in 1955, but subsequently, moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan, where she grew up and met David. After graduating from Kalamazoo Central High School in 1973, she attended Western Michigan University and graduated in 1977. She married David in July 1977 and they moved to Oklahoma City where she did her student teaching in the Putnam City School district. She taught at the third and fourth grade levels for eleven years before moving to Shelbyville, IL, and becoming the office manager for her husband’s private practice which she ran for fourteen years. Carole and David have three children–Jeff, Jason, and Chelsea–all born native Okies!

In 2002, she lived her dream and moved to the Big Island of Hawaii where she began her third career in Real Estate sales. She received her broker’s license in 2006 and was employed by Coldwell Banker Big Island Properties. After discovering that she really enjoyed doing vacation rentals, she branched out into that area and now specializes in property management for the Kona and Kohala districts. When Coldwell Banker merged with MacArthur-Sotheby’s in November 2008,

Carole is a die-hard Oklahoma Sooners fan (so, don’t call when the game’s on!). The only thing that Carole has loved more than the Sooners (other than her husband and kids, that is) have been her Golden Retriever dogs, Griffey (now deceased), Ruby, and Trooper.

Our daughter, Chelsea,  graduated from culinary school at the Culinary Institute of America. She married one of her classmates, Benjamin Brinton, September 29, 2012. They live in Waimea, Hawaii. she is now a licensed Realtor Salesperson and joined the business as a full partner in 2014.

David was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 1955, and graduated from Mattawan High School in 1973. After graduation from Kalamazoo College in 1977, he married Carole and moved to Oklahoma City where he attended the University of Oklahoma for the next 100 (just seemed like it!) 11 years. He received a Master’s Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 1980 and a Medical Degree in 1985. After completing residency in Internal Medicine at the OU Health Sciences Department, he moved to Shelbyville, IL, (where Carole’s parents lived) and started a private medical practice (in a very rural area!). After fourteen years of private practice, he moved to the Big Island where he has worked at the Kaiser Kona clinic from 2002 until retiring in 2016. David enjoys working on and with computers and has been Carole’s personal web site designer.

Our oldest son, Jeff, lives in Oakland and is a software engineer. He and his fiance, Kati, are engaged to be married in June 2017.

Our second son, Jason, worked as a deputy prosecutor in Kona from 2010 to 2015. He and Michael Schlueter started private practice in Kona August 2015. We are convinced that it is his purpose in life as he really seems to enjoy his work. He is married to Emily Ovian who is a Kealakehe graduate and Kona native.

David and Carole have been living their dream since moving to the Big Island. One of their favorite pastimes is to sit on their lanai overlooking their coffee trees and the ocean from 1700 ft elevation on Hualalai. They enjoy photography, reading, boating, and diving (try it–it’s amazing even if you’re scared to death to think of doing it!).  They hope to share paradise with everyone who has the same dreams…..